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  1. General Guidelines

(i)         Contributions must be scholarly therefore, author(s) is/are to guarantee that their article is original and not currently being considered for publication elsewhere. Scholarly and creative materials published in IJLLC will be assumed to have been done by the authors; consequently, authors will be responsible for making sure that materials submitted are not plagiarized. Neither the Editorial team nor the Editor will in any way assume responsibility for forged or plagiarized material submitted for publication.

This also means that authors are responsible for illustrations/copyrights, if or when necessary.

(ii)        Language: The IJLLC is published in English language but scholarly articles written in any of the Nigerian languages is acceptable.

(iii)       Length: Usually full-length article between 5,000-7,000 words, and book review between 500-1000 words.

(iv)       Abstract and Keywords: Each article should be summarized in about 100-150 words, serving as a brief description of the content of the article. In addition, following the abstract, author(s) should supply 4-5 keywords/phrases that characterise the content of the paper which can be used for index purposes.       

(v)        Manuscript: Manuscripts, including the abstract and         references should be typed double-spaced on A4 paper set-up using Times New Roman 12 font.

(vi)       Review: Each submission will be peer-reviewed.


  1. Copyright

Only original papers will be accepted, and copyright in published paper will be rested on the publisher. However, authors reserves the right to use their ownmaterials for purely educational andresearch purposes.


  1. Format for Manuscripts

All manuscripts, written in good English or any Nigerian Language, should be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment (in Microsoft word) addressed to the Editor-in-Chief (Dr. H.O. Adeosun - or the Editor (Dr. J.O. Friday-Otun –

The manuscript should have separate title page, with the articles title, name or names of author(s), institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone numbers.